Teddy Pet Maltese Handmade Bichon Princess Dress
Teddy Pet Maltese Handmade Bichon Princess Dress
Teddy Pet Maltese Handmade Bichon Princess Dress
Teddy Pet Maltese Handmade Bichon Princess Dress
Teddy Pet Maltese Handmade Bichon Princess Dress

Teddy Pet Maltese Handmade Bichon Princess Dress

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Brand: other/other

Pet clothes style: Princess

Pet clothes style: Dress

Is this the Princess in Wonderland?
What kind of fairy linkage,
every Rotate jumps,
with the ripples of the clothes,
it's so beautiful, which princess is this?

Fairy Delila princess dress


clothes STRUCTURE/STRUCTURE : pullover two-leg shirt

glass satin
sweetheart's material is not of the highest level,
just looking at the material is a kind of enjoyment.
Comes with pearlescent, water light ripple
this is after comparing all the factory materials on the market
fabric that wins in all aspects

soft enough
this fabric is particularly excellent
it is stylish, but extremely soft,
not that soft,
but soft as water ripples
the industry also calls this fabric waterwave satin.
It is as light as water, as shiny as colored glaze, and the touch of breeze.

Master's persistence
in order to make clothes more beautiful,
bows we have made more than a dozen versions,
from mediocrity to three-dimensional, to 360-degree aestheticism,
in the spirit of unwilling to make do with it,
let the soft fabric show its beauty
masters and fellow Masters also held academic discussions.

From any angle, it looks like a butterfly dancing in the wind.
This is also a collection of master's efforts.

Small skirt, we are professional
sweetheart's skirt designer,
it is the first batch of old masters to make a version for famous cartoon clothing,
just like sweetheart's persistence in fabric quality,
for the plate-making and cutting of small skirts,
the Master also has persistent ingenuity,
whether it is a fine material or an ingenious craft,
all make our small clothes unable to be produced in batches.
But you can make every piece of work.

Option size bust size clothing length label washing size neck circumference recommended Weight
AS 22-28 17 summer XS 11 about 0.50 kg-1.00 kg
SS 26-34 20 summer S/autumn XS 13 about 1.50 kg-2.00 kg
SG 32-38 25 summer M/autumn S 16 3-4about Jin
SM 37-43 30 summer L/autumn M 18 5-7about Jin
MM 45-50 35 summer XL/Autumn L 20 about 4.00 kg-5.00 kg
ML 50-54 40 summer XXL/autumn XL 22 11-13about Jin

(Back length does not include neck and tail, unit of measurement: CM/CM)-- manual measurement, there may be an error of 1-3CM the products are all taken in kind. Due to factors such as light, display, and sunlight, some color difference is inevitable. Please forgive me.